VW Polo Reverse Camera Retrofit

Basic types feature a simple audio indicator that alerts the driver when the vehicle approaches an object from the obstructed view. Improve your safety and driving with an innovative industry-standard rearview vw polo camera for all vehicle types and driving conditions. Key selection factors for the rearview camera for vw polo include the car manufacturer, model and driving requirements. It is recommendable to determine your car’s compatibility with the devices for quick and reliable installation. Visit Alibaba.com for genuine selections on mind-blowing rear-view cameras for vw polo offers and after-service deals. Enhance your driving support and safety no matter the type of car or driving circumstance.

Volkswagen rear view camera is plug & play hence not required any special installation requirements. Volkswagen Polo is a very decent-looking and smartly-styled hatch. The refurbished Polo comes with a lot of new features on offer. The top-end variants of Polo, like Highline, feature rear parking sensors for the convenience of the driver while reversing the car. However, the lower variants do not offer this feature, which is not acceptable, considering its price and the competitors.

GT TSI costs around 11.5 lakhs without even armrest, rear ac & rear camera ….. But tsi is having armrest & rear ac can you believe that ??? I think only a dumbhead could buy this…. The previous camera, as it was placed very low only covered objects on the ground, close to the car. Any object near the horizon, like other parked vehicles, humans or animals behind the car a little far away were not visible. The flip camera gives a perfect field of view with the horizon at about 1/4th of the frame.

Graphic lines guide you to the easy parking. Here is the comparison of the field of view of the old number plate-mounted camera and this camera. Now I feel much more comfortable while reversing, as I can see the objects a little farther from the car as well. First I decided to test the operation of the camera.

Took the car to a sheet metal fabricator who does all the fabrication work for me. I was thinking of providing something like a L or U clamp to fix the camera. But the fabricator came up with a better idea of making a circular base which will be fixed to the car and the camera to the base.

Explore various rear view camera for vw polo from trusted sellers and distributors to suit your car requirements and preferences. Using the rear view camera means you’ll be able to manoeuvre quickly and easily, even into the most difficult parking space. It also alerts you to low-down obstacles which parking sensors cannot always detect. The reversing camera is also a great help when you’re hitching up a trailer. Almost every car has blindspots, even one as well-designed as the Volkswagen Polo. Volkswagen Polo rear view camera can be placed on vehicle number plate and it does not required to drill holes.

He said he would first make a rough cut prototype base and once the fitting is good, we can get a proper base plate fabricated using laser cutting and finished with powder coating. Flipping the logo shows a small spring loaded plastic plate. This plastic plate would pop out releasing the camera, when reverse signal is supplied. The camera has a mechanism to drain water that gets inside the assembly. The camera comes with a black rubber pipe for this. It is very important to complete the installation of this water drain system.


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