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3. Please ensure that you are prepared to 'gift' a copy of your book to use as a giveaway to the readers. You may provide any additional giveaways, but at minimum, an ebook copy is expected in exchange for a review.

4. I don't take on every review request. If I feel the book fits my blog genre and if I feel that it's sounds like a book I'd like to read, then I will most likely take on the request.

5. I respond to every request. Either to accept or decline. I only take on a certain amount of books per month via request, so if your request is unsuccessful, please don't hesitate to try again at a later stage.

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Abdul Kaium said...

Will Klingner


World of Tea: A beginner's guide to tea


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18 january 2016


Book Description

World of Tea: A beginner's guide to tea

Learn how to identify many common and uncommon types of teas. Learn how growing teas in different areas and preparing them in different ways can lead to the many unique flavors. It includes many educational lessons and bonus activities like recipes and quizzes!

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Author Bio:
I'm an enthusiastic author and I really love my job. I have written several books about nature and smart women, and their love adventures with hot guys. I love to write helpful stories in my house with a cup of coffee and my dog. I've written several exciting books that will catch your attention; you'll feel immersed in heartfelt and steamy stories and you will forget about everything for hours. I believe you can forget about problems you might have in your life, release the daily stress and have hours of good entertainment by reading my books.

I'm a man who love to read romance books surrounded by nature in a quiet place. I also like to ride with my dog or just walk around in the woods admiring the beauty of nature. One of my favorite activities is to meet with my friends in a in a small restaurant or coffee shop and talk for hours. I also enjoy spending time with my family and traveling around the world.

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