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I'm organizing a spring blog hop... because I feel like we need to bring attention back to our blogs for a bit, since it's all been about one author to the next lately.

For the new blogger's (or those who have never hopped before) here's some info:

What is a blog hop?

A blog hop is when a number of blogs all signup to work together at promoting each others blog. There is a theme (in this case it's "Blooming Love") and we do a giveaway or feature related to the theme.

Essentially... It introduces each of our blog readers to new blogs they may never have known about. You can gain new followers and such... and it works!

In short, each participating blog has a list of all the other participating blogs, we post this below the hop post and we promote the hop everyday for the entire hopping duration. Each day we invite readers to hop along and enter a giveaway or participate in whatever feature you are choosing to run during the hop. In this case, it's April 1st - April 15th... all the blogger's who are joining in will tweet and share their hop link. Readers will then arrive, enter or participate and then move on to the next blog in the hop link list to enter or participate there.

The Rules?

For this particular hop the only rule I have is that you need to do a giveaway. It can be anything related to love... so a romance ebook, paperback, a gift card or swag pack. It can be US Only, International or Regional to where ever you live.

Here's an example of a previous hop we did in December

Anyway, choose a book you'd like to giveaway, do a writeup or re-post your review for that book. If you have author's who can help you out, you can contact them to agree to sponsor the book to giveaway... be as creative or as giving as you want. There is no limit to how much you can give, only that you have to giveaway something related to books and essentially 'love'.

All you need to do is add your blog link to the list below. Grab the code to place in your own hop post and then on April 1st, the hop begins, as will your giveaway. We run the hop and giveaway for 15 days (until April 15th) and then when it's over, you choose your winner or winners and there you go :D

Just remember to take the banner as well and post it at the top of your post so the hoppers can easily find the hop post. Even if you want to add it to the sidebar and link it... whatever, just make it easy to find, especially if you will be posting other posts over the two weeks. You don't want the hoppers not knowing where to go to participate.

Benefits of a Blog Hop?

• New Blog Followers
• Greater Blog Traffic during the tour
• Hoppers may find some interest in a review or another post you have on your blog.
• Get to know new blogs and bloggers

Like I said, you are doing a giveaway, but it's honestly a great way to grow your blog. CBL Reviews was smallish, with only a few hits per month before I did my last hop and it grew amazingly well thereafter. I know of a couple of blogs who participated along and can definitely say the same.

So if you'd like to join in, you can add your link below, decide on what you'd like to do as a giveaway, setup everything and schedule to post for April 1st. 

Here is the link code:

<script type="text/javascript" src="" ></script>

You can invite other blogger's to join in if you have others who might be interested :D

Here's a button for your sidebar as well as different sizes of the banner:


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