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I'm a 30 year old Graphic Designer from Port Elizabeth South Africa, who loves to snuggle on my big comfy bed with a cup of coffee, my Kindle and / or Macbook and my dream is to change the world... but only if I can do it my way and only if I can do it while wearing high heels, lipgloss and lounging on my amazing boudoir. There are only three things in the entire world I can't live without...     

1. My amazingly wonderful man-child who I adore more than anything in this world.  

2. My family, who just get me and accept that I probably won't ever see my dream come true of changing the world from the comfort of my bedroom and even though I'm guessing they realize this... they still would never say it to my face.  

3. My Macbook & Kindle. I either have one or the other with me at all times and they are both loaded with endless amounts of good books.  

My favorite movie of all time award is shared between Grease and Dirty Dancing, but I totally love any romantic, heart wrenching and happily ever after drama. I adore Glee and Gossip Girl. One Tree Hill and Vampire Diaries also hold a special place in my heart. I'm freaking crazy about Million Dollar Decorators and if I wasn't quite as lazy as I indeed am that would possibly be my ideal job... if the super hot superhero thing doesn't work out.

I'm not lazy per say but I get bored easily and when I'm over it... I'm simply over it and there's no two ways about it. I'm a hopeless romantic and even though I know real life is never the same as a book or movie, I like to believe that that's how my life is. I will never give up on the dream of my sexy level-headed love of my life whisking me into his arms on a secluded beach and dancing with me to the sounds of Sade's By your side playing from somewhere nearby, the wave's roll around our feet as he dips me backwards and kisses me as if I'm the air that he needs. Sigh... It will happen I have faith in him...
But anyway thanks for stopping on at my blog. I hope you stay a while and if you enjoy what I have to say about the books that I read, I really hope you will subscribe to my blog so I can get to see who you are and maybe connect with you in the future (and if you have a blog, visit yours).

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Alexis Moore said...

We have nominated you for a blog award! Check out the link below for more details!


Reality Bites!

Laurynne Meyer said...

Thanks for the nomination Alexis. I appreciate that you thought about me :)

Snafuzled said...

Just discovered your blog and LOVE your format! Super user friendly.

Snafuzled said...

Just discovered your blog and LOVE your format! Super user friendly.

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