Do You Need Manufacturing Insurance?

If you are starting a manufacturing business, you may be wondering whether you need to purchase Manufacturing Insurance. It’s an important part of your business plan because it protects you against substantial risks. While manufacturing insurance premiums start low, they can quickly add up to a substantial amount of money if a problem arises. And while you may not need it right away, manufacturing insurance premiums don’t have to break the bank either to proceed click here

The manufacturing industry is notoriously risky, but there are some basic steps you can take to reduce your exposure. First, consider obtaining E&O coverage. This insurance covers your legal and ethical responsibilities as a manufacturer. Additionally, manufacturing policies should include protection against cyber-attacks. The threat of a cyber-attack on your business is ever-present. Manufacturing businesses rely on systems and controls to operate smoothly, so it’s essential to protect these assets. Many factors affect the cost of manufacturing insurance, including the number of employees, turnover, wage roll, and risks. In addition, consider workers’ compensation coverage, which covers any medical expenses that may arise from an employee’s accident.

Other aspects of manufacturing insurance include property coverage, which doesn’t come standard in a basic policy. This type of coverage covers theft, employee dishonesty, mechanical breakdowns, and other property belonging to third parties. In addition, package policies cover liability, including libel and slip and fall accidents. You can also choose to purchase Products-Completed Operations Coverage, which covers legal defense and damages for injured workers. If your manufacturing operation is undergoing expansion, you need to consider purchasing a policy from a reputable insurance provider.

To reduce the cost of your manufacturing insurance, make sure you mitigate your primary product liability risks. Your underwriters will look at these as part of your risk assessment. By mitigating these, you can lower your incident rate and prove to insurance companies that you are a valuable business partner. Consider a product liability evaluation to find out where you stand and what needs to be done to mitigate these risks. The LandesBlosch product liability evaluation covers all aspects of your manufacturing business.

General liability and workers’ compensation are two of the most important insurance coverage options for a manufacturing business. These policies cover a wide range of potential situations and may help you qualify for important contracts. General liability coverage pays for expenses incurred by customers or third parties. It can even pay for your legal fees and cover any medical bills you incur. A comprehensive policy will protect your business against the unexpected. So, how do you make sure you have the right cover for your manufacturing business?

FCCI Manufacturers E&O is an optional policy that protects you against lawsuits based on your product’s design, materials, or workmanship. This coverage is especially helpful if your business is involved in the manufacturing of products, such as toys or computer components. It also protects against lawsuits related to faulty materials, shoddy workmanship, and installation. Many Commercial General Liability policies don’t cover this kind of liability coverage. However, FCCI Manufacturers E&O is the perfect solution to this gap in coverage.


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