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Once they are in position, they should try to push each other with the hands. Each player can try to deceive their opponent by teasing, ducking or fake pushing. Korean drinking games are unique and quite unlike those played anywhere else in the world. These drinking games are essential in Korea for a fun night, especially when drinking with friends and are a great way to break the ice. A few days before the night of the full moon, children and young people began making as many torches as needed.

Next, let’s look at a very different form of community recreation. The sport of chajeon nori is basically communal jousting. Traditionally played between two villages, each team contains a group of men and a ”ship” called the dongch’ae.

A player should stand still when they are caught, before the other players ask the name of the player who has been caught. The pansu may try to guess the player’s name having touched the face, other body parts, or clothing. If the name is guessed correctly, that player becomes the next pansu. 먹튀검증 game that has been passed down to ordinary people since the Joseon Period. The game is known by various names in different provinces, such as Bongsa Nori, Bongsa Japgi, Jangnim Nori, Kkamak Japgi, or Sogyeong Nori.

They sometimes create the candy themselves, but others proceed to take out the shape from the Dalgona. The games started with kids eating Dalgon and challenging each other who could extract the shape well. Vendors would also reward kids with little toys if the kids could take shape out of the candy without breaking it.

The player who is “it” is not just blindfolded, but aims to act like a pansu who can guess people’s names and tell their future. Pansu Nori was widespread across the country and played in the large yard of a house, or in an empty lot. Though the game has been traditionally passed down among girls, girls and boys played the game together, as well as young and middle-aged adults within some regions. A variety of Pong Hau K’i, Gonu’s name and rules vary by region; examples are pond, line or pumpkin gonu.

Furthermore, squeeze up your creativity for punishments or consequences for the losers! This would make them more engaged and let them release their inner competitiveness. Third Level – Do the same as in the first two levels, except this time, you pick up three stones while you throw one into the air.


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